The family that plays together… |

The family that plays together…

Story by Susan Gilmore
All photos contributed
On Oct. 3 Vicki Cook gathered a few special people for a six generation picture. Front row right to left: Marty Fairchild-98, Mae Cramer-96, Farice Thompson-84. Back row: Richard Cook JR (RC)-41, Vicki Cook-64, Briana Cook Montgomery-22, Boston-4 months.

This winter has been a time for reflection for Summit County residents and visitors alike. Whether making family time to build a snowman or to sit down with six generations, everyone has a story to tell and it’s nice to get the time to hear it.

The same is true for the veterans who took time to speak with students at Summit High School during Veterans Day activities. History, togetherness and tradition seem to be especially important at this time of year — even if it’s just a group of friends playing pick-up sports.

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