The grass is always greener … |

The grass is always greener …

Harry Roop

I am one of those “cavalier” Dillon Valley residents who Frances Winston says is not concerned about the water situation because my lawn is green. He can simply drive by my house and it is obvious to him that I’m not trying to help. I’m sure he can tell when he drives by that I have a sprinkler system that is set to run only at night. I only water every three days. I raised the height of my lawn mower. I mulch instead of bag . I only run my dish and clothes washers with full loads and have reduced my shower time. But I must be using more water than the house with the brown lawn. They set their hose and leave it running in one spot all day, but they are better citizens than I because of the color of their grass.

I know Chief Winston’s intentions are good, however, why would he want to match Dillon’s efforts in Dillon Valley? Dillon has gone to mandatory restrictions which allow watering every two days. Now, I’m guessing, people that previously watered every three days are now watering every two days. If you don’t water on your assigned day, then you have to go four days between watering.

Even if it’s every three days, people automatically water on their assigned day. If the weather forecast is for heavy rain tomorrow, you better water on your assigned day in case it does not rain. As a side note, the grass around the Ampitheatre sure looked real good the last time I was by there. Must be paint.

While I honestly believe we should all do everything possible to conserve natural resources all the time, please don’t insinuate that if I don’t save more today I won’t have any tomorrow. Our water comes from a creek. If the creek is going to run dry, it will run dry regardless of the amount used. It’s not a reservoir. If the flow rate is down enough to only allow indoor use, then curtail all outside use, but don’t ask rate-paying residents to subsidize water for a golf course in Phoenix.

I find it hard to believe that I have become a second-class citizen because of the color of my lawn.

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