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‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’

J.T. CoyotéSilverthorne

Re: “It’s simply not true” (Daily Mail, April 21) AExcellent letter Rick! Everyone, especially those who have seen Al Gore’s movie, need to check out the documentary video “The Great Global Warming Swindle,” (www.wagtv.com). It’s a question of balance here. Your letter is an excellent compilation, a boiling down if you will, of the chatter that has been taking place on the SDN website the last few months regarding global warming. It hits with great accuracy the bullet points of these conversations and comments, which includes everything from the scientific, political, cultural, to the religious implications of the subject of world climate change. Many like you and myself have spent countless hours researching, and have come forth on the side of reason and science in these debates, explaining the external as well as internal causes for what is actually going on in our environment. Most of this data is contrary to the accepted contemporary enviromental view however. This view opens one up to being railed upon in these pages by the lemming like AlGore-ites, whose only claim to understanding of this subject is, “If Al Gore and the IPCC said it is so, then it must be true.” A dangerous political view to be sure!This continuing dialogue has finally succeeded at convincing some that the non-scientific, inter-governmental, policy making nature of the IPCC conference in France in February, was merely political.However, the starry-eyed followers of Al Gore’s recent accolades at the Academy Awards for his movie, “An Inconenient Truth,” are a bit harder to dissuade. Be that as it may, these two events are the drivers behind the recent upsurge in interest in this subject. The unfortunate result of this I’m afraid, due to the sheer mass of these blind followers, will be our unwitting giving away of our rights. It will be the loss of our national as well as individual sovereignty in exchange for a new tyranny … namely the implementation of an open ended global carbon tax. It will foster absolutely no change in our climate at all. But, it will serve to make the rich and powerful of the earth incredibly richer, and much more powerful beyond belief.

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