The hair apparent |

The hair apparent

When couples go over their list of priorities for wedding planning, their appearance ranks right up there with such items as booking the ceremony, booking a reception location and picking out wedding bands. While the right gown and tux will make you look your best, the right wedding-day hairstyle is key to completing the look.

For help finding the right style, consult a professional stylist who has years of experience creating beautiful wedding ” day looks. To get you started, here is some advice from Damian Carney, international artistic director for hair product manufacturer Joico, who offers these dos and don’ts for wedding day style.

– DO consider the entire picture, which includes a style that fits the theme of your wedding and is cohesive with the rest of your look. When you’ve come up with a theme ” i.e. classic, contemporary, casual, etc. ” discuss your plans with your stylist. He or she can suggest hairstyles that will complement the theme you’d like to achieve.

– DON’T feel you have to emulate everything you see in bridal magazines. If the look of the moment is free ” flowing tresses, but you prefer a sleek, tight bun, go with what you like. Your stylist can offer variations, such as escaped tendrils or pins and other accessories to add distinct appeal.

– DO highlight your personality. Although you want to look radiant and special on your wedding day, don’t wear a hairstyle that isn’t “you.” In other words, if you’re known for your pixie cut, don’t feel the need to grow out your locks just because you’ll have more style possibilities. Similarly, don’t fight what nature gave you. Embrace your ringlet curls, rather than trying to flatten them out for your wedding.

Understandably, you will want to look special on your wedding day, but take care to ensure that you are recognizable when you walk down the aisle.

– DON’T compete with your gown. The lines and flow of your gown should be paralleled with the lines of your hairstyle. A simple, sheath gown works well with a tailored upswept chignon, while a princess gown with lots of tulle may work better with long, cascading waves.

– DO practice your look prior to your wedding. Set up a rehearsal with your stylist and finalize your style. Take a photo so that he or she will have it for reference.

This is your big day, so don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and say what works for you and what doesn’t. Ultimately, styling decisions are up to you, so don’t feel pressured to go the way your stylist suggests.

– DON’T leave your wedding day hairdo to chance. The right products can help keep your style looking beautiful throughout the day, with minimal retouching.

– DO make sure the groom-to-be takes grooming and haircare seriously as well. A haircut and style scheduled a few weeks prior to the wedding will ensure his hair is in prime shape for wedding photo opportunities.

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