The Heat is on in Breckenridge |

The Heat is on in Breckenridge

Daily News staff report
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The Corpus Christi, Texas-based Reverend Horton Heat returns to Colorado for a series of concerts including tonight’s show at three20south in Breckenridge, with punk rock ‘n’ rollers Reno Divorce opening. Tickets are $22/advance and $25/door, and doors open at 9 p.m. Here, the Reverend, aka Jim Heath, gives up the goods on tonight’s show:

Where did your name come from?

During a performance a buddy of mine shouted out, “Go, reverend,” and the nickname stuck. The band name is a tribute to an inspiration of mine, Johnny Horton, with a shortened version of my last name (Heat). Putting that together I came up with Reverend Horton Heat, and here we are, over 20 years later.

What kind of music do you play?

We play a blend of country and psychobilly, with elements of blues, rock, surf, big band and swing. We play music you drink and dance to.

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be?

A classic, red Galaxie 500, of course.

Why do people love ya?

Because they know how much we love to play and we’ve stayed true all of these years. We have never changed our sound or image for anybody; this is who we are through and through.

How do you keep it fresh?

We are who we are, and while we may change it up a bit here and there, you will always get classic Reverend Horton Heat. We don’t take it too seriously. We’re serious about having fun. I like to write songs about drinking. That’s good – I know that topic really well. Write what you know; that’s what they tell ya in school.

Do you have any crazy stories from life on the road?

All of my experiences on the road throughout the years are stories I’d rather keep under wraps. Let’s just say, I’ve seen some things.

– Daily News staff report

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