The lost dogs of Breckenridge |

The lost dogs of Breckenridge

Eileen Schmidt, Fairplay

I know this is a cool place to live. You live here for the beauty of the place and to ski or snowboard or hike and bike and it’s really, really cool if you have a dog – mostly a big dog. But what is it about this place and the irresponsibility of dog owners? I have never seen so many lost dogs wandering the streets without their Significant Humans. Just this past week alone, I saw five lost dogs crossing Main Street in Breckenridge.The lucky ones make it to the other side and can be caught. The unlucky ones are too freaked out, disoriented and hungry to let a person get close enough to help them and just take off into the woods to some unknown fate. The fact that some of them have collars makes me think that a human was once a part of their lives. What happened? I realize that sometimes accidents just “happen” and your dog gets loose, but boy, it sure seems to happen an awful lot in this town. I try and walk every day on my lunch hour and I’ve now taken to carrying a collar, leash and a bag of dog food. It’s not that I want to, or go out to look for lost dogs to rescue. They are just there.I have personally gone into a local bike shop on more than one occasion because the owner lets his dogs run loose in a busy alley.He calls the dogs in when I am there and they are out in the alley again the next day. What’s the mentality here – keep a dog until it gets killed and then, oh well, dude, just get another one? And then there are the really cool people walking around whose dogs “don’t need to be on a leash” because they are “the masters” and their dogs are so well-trained. Sorry, but unless your dog has passed the canine academy with a magna cum cookie (and even then, if you are in town where there are speeding cars, errant squirrels and other dogs around), don’t take the chance.I have seen the most well-trained dog be distracted and hop off a curb at the wrong time. How about giving a little more thought to owning something with a heartbeat and taking some responsibility in better securing your dogs, Breckenridge? I’m running out of collars and dog treats and your dogs are running for their lives.

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