The love lives of princes |

The love lives of princes

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Deirdre Shattuck

It’s been a tumultuous year for the love lives of Prince William and Prince Harry. It was just a couple of months ago when news spread about the breakup of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Since then, the low-key couple have reunited and rumors abound of a possible engagement. Now it’s Prince Harry’s turn to be under the relationship microscope. News of the World has reported that his girlfriend of three years, Zimbabwe-born beauty Chelsy Davy, has dumped the prince.

Prince Harry, who’s notoriously known for his flirtatious actions and hard-partying ways, has apparently taken it too far. Sources are saying that Davy has had enough with his untrustworthy behavior and decided to call it quits with the prince.

Another celebrity who’s been under public scrutiny the past couple of years is about to be exposed. A tell-all book about Tom Cruise is in the works with a release date set for January 2008. The author, British writer Andrew Morton, who is also responsible for Princess Diana’s tell-all, has named the book “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography.” Morton has been working on the biography for two years and claims to have a lot of juicy details to reveal about the controversial actor.

He will confront many questionable aspects of Cruise’s life, including homosexual encounters, arranged girlfriends to generate publicity (Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes), and his much talked about faith in Scientology. Although Cruise’s publicist insists that this book will be nothing more than fabricated lies, it will be up to the public to decide what to believe. That’s not good for Mr. Cruise, whose professional life has lately been overshadowed by his personal life.

His new movie “Lions for Lambs,” his first since “Mission Impossible: III,” opened to a disappointing fourth place at the box office with $6.7 million. The actor usually brings in major bucks with his movies but it looks like his crazy personal life is taking quite a toll on his movie career.

Donda West, rapper Kanye West’s mother and former manager, passed away on Saturday due to complications from having plastic surgery the day before. Donda underwent elective combined surgery for a tummy tuck and a breast reduction, despite being told by one plastic surgeon, Dr. Andre Aboolian, that she was under great health risks due to a health condition that could lead to a heart attack. TMZ is reporting that Donda had initially gone to Dr. Aboolian, who told her that he would only do the surgeries after she was checked out by an internist.

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Donda apparently ignored his advice and instead sought out the help from another plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams. Dr. Adams performed the simultaneous surgeries, which lasted eight hours, an extremely long time to be under anesthesia. It seems like she should have done more research on her doctor ahead of time.

As the details of Donda’s death emerge, Dr. Adams’ reputation and past is under much scrutiny. He has been sued for malpractice twice, which required him to pay over $200,000 for each claim. As if this wasn’t enough to revoke his license, it was his multiple DUI arrests that finally provoked the California Medical Board to ask that the state take away or at least suspend his medical certificates.

The investigation into Donda’s death is just beginning. We’ll know much more when the results of her autopsy are revealed, but it does seem clear now that things do not look good for her surgeon.

Christina Aguilera is having a boy! The singer had a baby shower in Beverly Hills last weekend where the guests came adorned with blue baby gifts … Is mini-mogul Ashley Olsen, 21, really going out with Lance Armstrong, 36?

The unlikely duo have been spotted out together in NYC acting like they were more than just friends. Neither of their reps would comment on the unexpected and bizarre courtship, which only ignites the rumor.

Last week, Josh Holloway of the hit TV show “Lost” was vacationing in Breckenridge with his wife Yessica.

The couple, who live in Hawaii where the show is filmed, were out and about on Main Street on Sunday and stopped in to check out “The Cooking Cowgirl.” The owner said they were very nice and were enjoying their time in Breck.

Deirdre Shattuck resides in Breckenridge and maintains her enthusiasm for celebrity gossip even while living in the mountains.