The media blame game ends at the Louisiana governor’s desk |

The media blame game ends at the Louisiana governor’s desk

With regard to all of the events that are occurring in and around New Orleans: The fact it’s been one week since Katrina absolutely decimated the southern coast seems to escape the “blame the Bush administration” media. This media with their, “Why aren’t there hotels available on the coast yet” attitude seem to suffer from Samantha Stevens syndrome.The fact that under the Constitution during a time of catastrophe, invasion or domestic unrest, the federal government must wait for the request of the governor of the states before the government can act. Haley Barbour, governor of Mississippi, knows this. The governor of the state of Louisiana obviously does not. Twenty-four hours before she acted or even requested help, the governors of Mississippi, Florida and Texas had already, through the proper channels, notified the White House. I’m sick and tired of leftist Marxist governors – those who know the Communist Manifesto word-for-word, but haven’t read one word or taken meaning of one phrase of the Constitution – being in control of our states.And then there is the media, which thinks it can change American opinion by printing a bunch of rumor mongering, demonizing tripe about the president and his administration, when they don’t even know the rules of the game themselves.Shame, shame, shame, upon the media. Time for them to go back to school and read something American, instead of enrolling in Marxist study groups and flap-jawing their way to fame.The federal government and the Bush administration, requested, no they implored action from the governor of Louisiana, 24 hours before she finally relinquished. The federal government knew the problem. The federal government also knows the law. The governor of Louisiana has absolutely no clue about either.J. T. Coyoté SilverthorneFree Dillon concert should have recognized national tragedyI would like to express my disappointment to the organizers of the free concert at the Lake Dillon Amphitheatre. I have been a local resident for the past seven years. I have always been proud of being part of a community that is so caring. So when I went to attend the free concert in Dillon, I was shocked when there was no mention about Hurricane Katrina. That was a missed opportunity to reach at least 600 people that decided to celebrate Labor Day in Summit County. I feel the organizers had a responsibility to address the situation that has affected our fellow Americans. The organizer of the night didn’t forget to remind us about the concession stands, their future events and how we can donate to them. The speaker even mentioned to come see her directly if we couldn’t find a volunteer with a bucket. She could remember all that and so easily not think to speak of the victims of this tragedy. How could this be forgotten? I don’t think it was done intentionally, but it made me sick to my stomach that they never mentioned the hurricane. I know our county is helping out, and we should. I know about many people who attended different events for the Labor Day weekend. The hurricane was mentioned at most, and in addition, accepted donations geared toward the relief effort.Nerissa TaskerSummit Cove

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