The more information learned, the more anti-war beliefs are justified |

The more information learned, the more anti-war beliefs are justified

I am writing in response to the March 18 letter to the editor printed in your paper: “Those opposed to war are more involved than informed.”

As an individual who is strongly opposed to this war, I find the more information I acquire about it, the more adamantly opposed I become.

Perhaps letter-writer Randy Rothwell should get a job with the United Nations as a weapons inspector, since he seems to know more about Saddam’s arsenal than the inspectors they have now. Is Mr. Rothwell aware that more than $2 billion in U.S. “loans” supplied by taxpayers were given to Iraq by the first President George Bush, while he turned a blind eye to Saddam’s stockpiling of weapons and acquisition of chemicals?

Is he aware of the man current President George W. Bush plans to place in power to succeed Saddam, Ahmed Chalabi, who, in a comment made to The Washington Post confided, “American companies will have a big shot at Iraqi oil”?

From the wasteful loss of our already dwindling national economic funds ($1.6 trillion), to the devastating estimate loss of human life of between 500,000-600,000, to the confidence we have carelessly destroyed with our former allies – this administration is willing to risk everything for the opportunity to make some cash, namely in the form of oil.

To Mr. Rothwell and other “patriots” who condemn those opposed to an unnecessary, dangerous and illegal war, I ask that you do the most patriotic thing you can do and that is to get informed and learn to think for yourself.

The worst crime in America today is not being committed by those brave enough to express their dissent at a government they do not believe to be acting justly, but by the masses of uninformed citizens supporting this war.

These individuals stumble blindly along in the dark created for them by mainstream media, hanging on, in fear, for the next lie their unelected, “appointed” president and his corporate cronies feed to them.

To me, it is an embarrassment to this great nation.

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