The origins of Santa are in kindness |

The origins of Santa are in kindness

I would like to clarify a few things for the letter writer of “Santa is Satan’s instrument opposing Christ” (SDN, Dec. 15). Santa Claus comes form the misinterpreted Dutch name; Sinterklaas, meaning St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was a fourth-century bishop from Myra (which is now Turkey). He was known for his kindness and generosity, as well as being an advocate of children and the needy. He embodied the sometimes forgotten holiday spirit, giving to others and helping the less fortunate.Because of his generosity, many groups, such as children, orphans, and even sailors, claimed him as their patron saint.It is as most stories fact or fiction told through history, even those of the Bible, that interpretations or embellishments are added to them to fit an individual’s purpose. So, as the stories of St. Nicholas have crossed oceans and time, they too have changed with the different people’s retellings. But let’s not forget the original meaning behind the stories of “St. Nick,” which are of kindness and generosity, during this holiday season. If your nephew’s teacher requested the class to ask “Santa” for school supplies, then he or she would not have been that far off – praying to the patron saint of children, of course.

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