The three most important concerns in national politics |

The three most important concerns in national politics

After carefully watching the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, I now know the three most important concerns of the American voter.

I also have discovered the reason why they are the three most important concerns.

People care the most about the economy, health care and education.

I learned this by listening to what the candidates are saying in debates and interviews and I have committed these things to memory – just in case someone might ask me in the future.

I have also found out they really do not care as much about the situation in Iraq, magnesium chloride, cyanide heap leach gold processing, the amount of water in Dillon Reservoir or the inordinate amount of backup on Interstate 70 between Summit County and Denver.

Yes, I know these things are important to you, but they are not important to the average American voter. Remember, it is the economy, health care and education.

The economy is a top worry because of the apparent lack of confidence in our system. We see the sales tax numbers plummet, businesses closing and your brother-in-law losing his job.

Yes, you may still have your job, but it is getting serious when your brother-in-law is walking down the road kicking rocks. Now, that is serious, folks.

Your stock portfolio is half of what it was worth last year and your car does not run very well but you don’t know when you’ll be able to afford to buy a new one.

That is why the economy is so important.

Health care is a biggie. We have spent our entire lives taking health care for granted and in the last couple of years we have seen co-pays increase tenfold while our monthly premiums have doubled.

There’s not a lot of security in this health care thing.

Maybe not for us but what about our children and our aging parents. What will they do?

The industry will answer that the providers drive the costs. The providers will say the costs are driven by the huge amount of write-offs they must suffer.

You don’t really care. All you want is getting medical help for your family when you need it, at a reasonable cost.

Everyone says that he or she would hate socialism, but when it comes to socialized medicine, many of you might go along with that. Universal health care sounds like a workable plan at times. Anything to get off this medical merry-go-round.

Worries about both the economy and health care are immediate issues we deal with on a daily basis. They are part of our daily security and knowing we will have a job and good health care are very important to us.

Education is a different animal. We view education as something not for ourselves, but for our children and our children’s future.

We believe that a good education is some kind of a right (although it is not) we were promised when we were born. It is a birthright.

We all want our children to do better than us. We all want them to get more education than we did. We know that the success of our name, our family and our country is based on having the best-educated children on this planet.

Only Switzerland spends more per pupil than the United States on education. That shows our level of commitment to education. It indicates where we place education on our priority list.

Colorado is now dealing with the potential of privatizing our state colleges in order to keep them running.

Pull them out from a very poorly managed state system and let them compete on an equal basis with private schools for students and resources.

My son attended college in California as a resident recently and he virtually did not pay any tuition. That is the level of support for the kids of California and the state’s commitment to the future.

I doubt if that would ever work in Colorado with the current attitude about taxation.

Security, security and the future. Very simply put, that is what everyone says you are thinking about when you vote for your leaders.

Then there are those who are more concerned about the pothole at the end of the driveway but I have already written about that.

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