The top 5 worst honeymoon destinations |

The top 5 worst honeymoon destinations

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5 = Haiti

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, the former French colony of Haiti is probably best known for the colorful rituals of Voodoo (correctly Vodou, as Voodoo is the New Orleans branch of the practice). Sadly, it’s also the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 80 percent of the country living in abject poverty. Combine this widespread poverty with a lack of effective policing in most parts of the country and it’s easy to understand why the State Department warns of frequent instances of random violence including kidnapping and assault. Poverty is also indirectly responsible for the loss of 95 percent of Haiti’s once lush and fertile forests, as the indiginous people have cut down the trees to make charcoal, leaving only the bare bedrock. As a result, the view from your honeymoon suite isn’t likely to inspire much nuptial joy.

4 = Liberia

The upcoming presidential elections in an already unstable Liberia make this a highly questionable honeymoon destination. If the possibility of nationwide rioting isn’t enough to put you off, remember that many of the demobilized troops you see on the streets are understandably disgruntled as a result of never having been paid. The State Department cautions visitors to avoid traveling alone or after dark and urges U.S. citizens to return home if at all possible. On the plus side, surviving a honeymoon in this troubled country could be seen as a real bonding experience.

3 = Somalia

The lack of any U.S. represention in Somalia makes the familiar threats of kidnapping and public violence a particular worry for visitors to the country. Somalia has none of the features typically associated with a conventional nation state and operates instead as a free-market anarchy, where rival warlords fight for control of the 18 regional provinces. Shopping for souvenirs is tricky in Somalia as there’s no established national currency.

2 = Colombia

Notable activities for U.S. tourists in Colombia include getting kidnapped and being refused re-admission into America. Of course, if your gift registry included half a pound of uncut cocaine, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. No visit to Bogota, the country’s capital, would be complete without touring “bullet street,” which has the dubious honor of being one of the most famously dangerous places on the planet. Going for a stroll in the countryside isn’t too wise either, as you’ve a good chance of being sprayed with the carcinogenic herbicide the government uses to supress the growth of coca. Top marks for determination if you know all this and still want to go.

1 = Afghanistan

You guessed it: Afghanistan tops our list. Short of asking to be dropped into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in December, you’ll struggle to find a more hazardous location for your honeymoon. Probably the least friendly-to-Americans place you could possibly choose to go. A trip to Afghanistan carries with it a very real chance of being abducted and killed. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Afghanistan’s inclusion on this list is unnecessary: surely no one would ever choose a war zone for a vacation destination? Not so. The spectacular mountain ranges are a big draw to mountaineers from across the globe, who regularly risk life and limb to reach the top. That doesn’t mean you should.

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