The truth of the matter is untrue |

The truth of the matter is untrue

When letter-writer Cindy Keiser wrote “The truth is a very individual thing,” she didn’t realize that her own point of view defeats her desire for compassionate spirituality.

She said, “I think that a truly spiritual person has at least enough compassion to consider other points of view. The truth is only true for the individual because God encompasses everything. Paradigms like good and bad (and male and female) only exist because we assign them.”

Are these truth statements only true for Cindy or are they true for everyone?

If we carry Cindy’s argument to its logical conclusion, we are forced to assume love and compassion are indistinguishable from hate and judgmentalism.

How is it possible to judge the spirituality of individuals when one obliterates the basis to make such judgments?

If she actually believes truth is only true for the individual, then her truth cannot take precedence over the truth of Lori Nuzollilo or anyone else, for that matter.

I intend no disrespect toward Cindy. I desire to expose the lie of relativism, which relegates all correspondence to meaninglessness.

Jesus taught that love is the supreme ethic (Mark 12:28-31). A truly spiritual person considers the moral supremacy of love above all other points of view, including relativism, which reduces love to the same level as hatred.

I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to consider a self-defeating dogma of meaninglessness over a purpose-driven focus on the supremacy of a life devoted to love.

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