The way to improve fathers is to give divorced dads a chance to be parents |

The way to improve fathers is to give divorced dads a chance to be parents

I found an article in your paper on the Internet when searching for news articles on child custody and fatherhood.

It would seem to me the best way to help divorced fathers be better (“County to offer fatherhood classes” – Oct. 4 edition) is to actually allow them to do so by implementing a presumption of shared parenting, providing that both parents are fit.

The current system that so many states continue to use – designating one parent (many times, dad) non-custodial and allowing that parent four or so days a month of visitation – is reprehensible.

Separating a child from a parent, with no just cause and against the wills of those involved is a complete violation of civil, human, and constitutional rights.

It goes against everything this country stands for.

We certainly cannot claim ignorance to the fact fatherless children are at much greater risk for a whole host of problems, including teen pregnancy, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, criminality, and behavioral and emotional problems, to name a few.

My niece and nephew, New York residents, continue to suffer under the child custody determination that was forced on them. They beg to see their dad more but are not allowed to.

Joint legal custody gave my brother a say in major decisions theoretically, but it still relegates him to the role of “visitor.”

What he needs is both joint legal and joint physical custody, which would allow him to parent in the true sense of the word.

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