The weird and the wild |

The weird and the wild

Recycle some of your leftover threads from this year's Ullr Fest to make a costume that shouts Breckenridge proud. And if your garb brings out the snow god, well, it is the Colorado High Country after all — random summer snow is just part of the welcome committee.
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The USA Pro Challenge is coming to town Tuesday and Wednesday, and as exciting as it is to watch professional cyclists whiz by you at ungodly speeds, the sum total of the viewing experience can be here and gone in less than a minute. If you want to enhance your spectating adventure without an attempted run up and down Hoosier Pass, consider donning a costume for your time on the sidelines. Support your favorite rider by wearing team or country colors, get more use out of last year’s Halloween costume or come up with a theme all your own and rope your friends into joining you. The bolder the better — just remember to respect the riders’ space and try to keep it family friendly.

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