There they go again; leftist media,led by ’60 Minutes,’ propagate a fraud |

There they go again; leftist media,led by ’60 Minutes,’ propagate a fraud

Recently, one of America’s most prominent news anchors, Dan Rather, appeared on one of our nation’s most trusted journalistic programs, “60 Minutes,” and broadcast by one of the nation’s largest television networks (CBS), used fraudulent documents in an attempt to bring down an incumbent president. The scandal has been branded as “memogate,” but should be more accurately described as “mediagate.” The incident is a dramatic example of the leftist corruption of the American mainstream news media.For most of the last century “progressive-thinking intellectuals” have been aided and abetted by Hollywood and increasingly America’s mainstream media in their war against the cultural ideologies which launched this nation to preeminence. Despite their multicultural and pluralistic efforts to divide us by race, gender, age, language, income and religion, most Americans continue to be unified in our cultural ideology (i.e. e. pluribus unum).An alternative or “new” media of conservative talk radio, best-selling authors, newsletters and Web sites have responded to expose the anti-American players, their neosocialist agenda and especially their candidates who drape themselves in the flag at election time only to burn it with their politics.Rather and CBS exposed themselves on national television. If they are not complicit in the fabrication, they are at least recklessly negligent in their actions. In their leftist exuberance, they have sacrificed their journalistic integrity and credibility. Those involved are under no obligation to protect the source of this fraud. I hope you will join me in demanding full disclosure and explore other sources for more accurate news information.

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