These friends felt unwelcome while shopping, dining in Breckenridge |

These friends felt unwelcome while shopping, dining in Breckenridge

I hope that you publish this letter in the Summit Daily because I truly believe it will help in the coming tight economic years facing Breckenridge.

My family and I have just returned from another visit to Breckenridge. I would like to say that we had a wonderful visit – but I cannot.

During our time in Breckenridge we had a waiter be objectionable and rude to us for the inconvenience of ordering some food.

At a sunglasses shop, when asking to exchange a purchase, the salesperson cursed at us, threatened violence and kicked us out.

To the owner of the sunglasses shop, one unhappy customer can lead the business of 100 future customers to a different store. The last time I checked, there is no shortage of sunglass shops in Breckenridge.

Being a former nine-year local of Breckenridge, I understand the “localitis” that plagues certain members of the community.

Most of these people have only lived in the county for one to three years and feel a certain need to show that they indeed are “locals.”

They prove this by being discourteous, callus and ridiculing the tourists who spend a considerable amount of money on their vacations.

A little information about these tourists – they have long memories and have many choices on where they can spend their vacation dollars.

Breckenridge’s economy is feeling the same strain that many other tourism-based economies are feeling.

Economics 101, for those of you who feel the need to berate your visitors, is that Breckenridge derives its local economy from tourism.

There are many, many other places to ski and vacation. These tourists spend a lot of money on their visit and will not return if treated rudely. It’s pretty simple.

I like Breckenridge and want to see the economy do well. I implore the owners of the shops and restaurants in Breckenridge to please hire people and train them to be kind and helpful to your guests.

When you find employees that treat the guests like I was treated at the sunglasses shop, fire them and get someone with some character.

They do not call it the hospitality industry for nothing.

Eric Smith

Colorado Springs

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