This one time, at band camp: Up Against the Wall |

This one time, at band camp: Up Against the Wall

Reid Williams

This one time, at band camp …

Breckenridge police officers were called to investigate an indecent exposure incident at a lodge where hundreds of high school band students were staying. A teen-age boy had, depending on whose story you get, mooned or flashed at girl.

It took 24 hours to track down the boy, the appropriate chaperones and determine exactly what happened, but the teen was issued a citation. After conferences with the teachers, the boy’s parents, school officials and the district attorney, however, charges were dropped. The boy’s father ensured local authorities he would develop some appropriate consequences, and the school said it would suspend the boy for a week.

Cutting the rug – literally

Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a Breckenridge-area home because the roommates were fighting. The 911 call said knives were involved, but the deputies found everything had settled down when they arrived. It heated up after they left.

The deputies were called back hours later, and roommates reported one man had “gone crazy”: He used a kitchen knife to cut up the couch and then went outside to let all the propane out of the tank in the backyard. When the tenants inside yelled they were calling police, the upset man headed of for the bus stop.

The deputies caught up with the man and, when taking the knife from him, also found a marijuana pipe. The man said he forgot he had the knife on him; it had a 6-inch blade. The deputies arrested the man for possession of a concealed weapon with a blade longer than 3-and-a-half inches.

Testy woodsie

Two citizens went to the Meadow Creek trailhead near Frisco to take pictures of a trash-strewn campsite inhabited by a squatter. Unfortunately, the squatter didn’t like that and attacked the man and his daughter. The two escaped and called 911 on their cell phone.

Officers found the woodsie near his camp site and officers told him to clean it up, and that the case would be turned over to Forest Service enforcement. The attacked man then told police he had also seen the squatter roaming about town with a shopping cart. Officers found the cart and contacted Safeway managers. The store staff wanted to press charges, as shopping carts cost $300.

The woodsie was arrested on charges of theft, two counts of third-degree assault, and in searching him, officers also found marijuana drug paraphernalia.

How to get arrested 101

Police were called to a Copper Mountain store on a shoplifting incident. Resort security caught up with the man, who must have really wanted to get arrested: Not only did he stuff his jacket with $200 in T-shirts, he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Vail and was carrying drug paraphernalia. The man was booked into jail for all three.

Three DUIs

to make you cry

– No. 1: It was 1:42 a.m., so the officer was quite surprised to come across the car parked with its lights off in the westbound lane on Highway 6 between Dillon and Keystone. The officer pulled up behind the car and activated his emergency lights. No reaction from the driver. The officer approached the car and saw that the driver was asleep in the seat. The officer banged on the window. He banged some more. Just as he was about to break the window, the man awoke. The man said he’d only had two beers and had pulled off to the side of the road to wait for a friend. He waited the rest of the morning in jail.

– No. 2: Copper Mountain residents called police, reporting a drunk woman was driving her truck around the resort, yelling out the windows. When police arrived, resort security had caught up with the woman – because she had driven her truck down a sidewalk up to a bridge which she could not get across. The woman, apparently, had been driving around the resort yelling for her dogs. “I need to find them, they’re my children,” she told officers. She, too, had only had two drinks. Officers also found a Green Leafy Substance in her truck. She blew a .153 back at the jail.

– No. 3: After a woman watched what she thought was a drunken driver run over a dog on Highway 9, she called police on her cell phone and followed the car until it stopped. Another car followed as well. A woman yelled at the suspected drunken driver and his passenger, asking if they knew what they did and telling them they at least should go pick up the body. So, the men got back in the car and returned about five minutes later with the dog’s collar. When police arrived, the driver denied drinking until after he had hit the dog, despite the paper bracelet on his wrist from a ski area party. The officer took that, and the hair in the grill, as evidence and after the driver failed the How Drunk Are You Really? tests, he went to jail, where he blew a .182.

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