This Week In History: Beautiful weather still continues |

This Week In History: Beautiful weather still continues

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This Week In History
One-time use only - Courtesy of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Dr. Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Archives, from the Agnes Miner Collection donated by the Colorado Springs Ghost Town Club [BHA.2015.1.1H]"

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago.

In our last issue, we referred to the delightful Christmas weather, we did not expect that such weather would continue with us for any length of time. But such has proven the case, and New Year’s day, last Tuesday was one that will long be remembered from being so nice. None better have been witnessed during any winter months, as was said at the time, were it not for the snow on the ground the weather would be mistaken for any during the month of June. This same weather continues at this writing, and it seems that we are not going to have any winter. Hauling is becoming a trial for the sleigh, and wagons were in use round town during the week.

tHE name Summit County

Summit County, as the name indicates, is situated near the crest of the American continent. Its average elevation being close to 10,000 feet, it is one of th(r)ee pioneering mining districts of Colorado. Gold was first discovered in 1859 in the sands of Blue River near the present site of Breckenridge. Placer mining has been followed more extensively in this county than in any other part of the state. There are also lode mines principl(e) outlet being zinc and lead. Zinc leads all other metals and gold takes second place in production. Careful prospecting in recent years has revealed immense deposits of zinc, gold, silver and lead ores in what is known as the sulphide belt, which extends from the base of Long’s peak to a point southwest of Leadville. The area of the county is 415,000 acres of which 24,617 acres are patented land, the remainder consisting mainly of public domain and state lands. The principal industries are mining and stockraising. Dairying and stockraising are carried on to a limited extent in the restricted areas. Hograising has been developed in the recent years. Limited opportunities are offered to homeseekers who desire following farming, prospecting of the new mining territory offering the best field.

All Dredges Still Operating

For the first time in the history of dredging in Summit County, we find that all the dredges in this district are still operating. It has been the custom to stop dredging by these boats around Christmas time, and spend the balance of the winter in carrying on needed repair work. The weather during the past few weeks, having equaled that of any time during the summer offered too many inducements to dig gold, and rather than lose any time in doing repair work. All the boats continue to run, and will no doubt do so, till more severe weather is encountered. From one of these dredges we learn that the digging capacity at this time will equal that of any month in the summer. This fact will mean much to us in the way of output during the present year. With the early start in the new year at a big production, the final returns will necessarily be greatly increased.

Must You Pay Tax on Your Income?

Washington — The time has arrived that every American subject to the income tax division of the war revenue act to figure up his income and file his return. If he is unmarried and has a net income of $1,000 or more, or if he is married or the head of a family and his net income is $2,000 or more, he must pay the tax. His return must be in the hands of the collector of internal revenue in the district in which the taxpayer lives or has his principal place of business before March 1, 1918. The man who thinks to evade this tax is making a serious error. Revenue officials will be in every county to check returns. Failure to make correct return within the time specified involves heavy penalties.

Colorado State News

Mrs. Martha Loescher Crook, professor of German at the University of Denver, has been dismissed from the faculty of the university. The reason, given in varying phraseology by members of the board of trustees, was her alleged pro-German sympathies and utterances. Mrs. Crook’s salary is continued to the end of the academic year.

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