This Week In History: Earl S. McClelland married at Colorado Springs |

This Week In History: Earl S. McClelland married at Colorado Springs

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This Week In History
Earl S. McClellan, of Breckenridge, and his wife Doris R. Sommerville.
Breckenridge Heritage Alliance / Special to the Daily |

This Week in History Saturday, December 1, 1917

Word was received here this week of the marriage of Earl S. McClelland, son of Mrs. And Mrs. J.W. McClelland now of Canon City but just recently from Breckenridge, at Colorado Springs on Sunday, Nov. 25, to Doris R. Sommerville, of Canon City. Miss Sommerville comes from one of the best families in Canon City, having been born and raised there. Earl is a Breckenridge boy, having left here a little over a year ago, to make his home in Canon City, He was a former athlete on the Breckenridge High School team, and one of the players on the Breckenridge base ball team. He has the well wishes of all his Breckenridge friends.

Harold Roberts Body Recovered Monday Morning

After a search of five days the body of Harold Roberts who was drowned last Wednesday by the caving in of the bank at French Gulch Dredging pit was found Monday morning. The body was one hundred feet or more from the point at which the young man fell into the water, having either drifted to that place or being pushed there by the dredge, which was used in an effort to recover the corpse. The remains were in excellent shape, not a mark being made by either the dredge or grappling hooks which were used in searching for the young man. The bank of sand which caved in with young Roberts, together with the coal that was on the boat at the time, were dredged out. In the hope of finding the body beneath the mass, but as nothing developed after it was cleared away, the grappling hooks were again resorted to, with the final result of locating the body.

Ex-Gov Peabody Dead

Denver — James Hamilton Peabody, ex-governor of Colorado died Friday morning at the Wilella apartments, 1456 Vine Street. Death followed an illness of three weeks. A week ago he submitted to an operation, from which he never completely rallied. His wife, his physician, Dr. Edmund A.J. Rogers; a nurse and several close friends were at the bedside at the end. Mrs. Peabody was constantly at her husband’s side in his last illness. Three children, all well-known to Colorado, survive him. They are James Clelland Peabody, the only son, who is an officer in training at Linda Vista, CA; two daughters, Mrs. James Grafton Rogers, formerly Cora Peabody, and Mrs. Cuthbert Stearns, wife of Maj. Stearns of the United States army, who was formerly Miss Jessie Peabody. A nephew, Will H. Peabody, son of the former governor’s brother, Jesse Peabody, lives in Glenwood Springs. Born at Topham, Orange County, in Vermont in August 21, 1852, James Hamilton Peabody came of a line of sturdy English stock, his immediate ancestors having come from Herefordshire early in the seventeenth century in the colonies.

Descends in Burning Plane. British Airmen Recovers for Injuries Received after 1,000-Feet Drop.

London — After one of the most miraculous escapes of the war, Major Bannatyne B.S.O. is today recovering from his injuries in the Cirencester Hospital. While flying alone at a height of more than 1,000 feet his engine caught fire. He headed the machine towards the ground. Soon the flames reached his feet. He crawled out of the seat and crawled along the body of the plane towards the tail while the blazing plane plunged towards the earth. The flames reached him again. He swung himself off the frame and hung by his hands under the machine — now a mass of flames. He fell into a plowed field and was picked up suffering from a broken arm, scores of cuts and with all his hair scorched to a crisp.

Public School Notes

John Salmon was received during the week by transfer from Fort Morgan schools and was assigned to grade five and Harold Potter who enrolled last week from the Eagle county rural schools and was provisionally classified in grade five has succeeded in demonstrating to his teacher there , Miss Florence Detwiler, that he is qualified to do the work of grade six and been given a partial classification to that grade in room four under Miss Grace Powers as teacher.

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