This week in Summit County history: Boys steal car and then collect reward |

This week in Summit County history: Boys steal car and then collect reward

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This Week in History

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago, the week of Oct. 17-21.

Boulder — Five boys ranging in age from 10 to 16 years were convicted in County Court of the theft of two automobiles, one of which three of their number returned to its owner and collected a $75 reward that had been offered.

Sterling prisoners escape from jail

Sterling — Six prisoners in the jail here refused to leave when five of their fellows broke out. One, G.S.M. Jones, a trusty, was awakened when the last fugitive slammed the iron door as he left and sounded the alarm. Jones gave chase to the escaping men and caught up with Frank Jones, an alleged automobile thief. In the resulting encounter the trusty was cut on the head and hands with a pocket knife. The five got away through an insecurely fastened door.

Prohibition law provision void

Denver — Section 10 of the states prohibition law, which provides that shipments of liquor into the state can be seized unless they contain the words: “this package contains intoxicating liquor,” written in large letters and in a conspicuous place on the package, was declared unconstitutional by Judge R.E. Lewis in the Federal Court.

Pours oil on fire; badly burned

La Salle — Mrs. Rachael Anderson of the Godfrey Bottoms country is suffering from a seriously burned arm, hand and face, the result of an accident while attempting to hurry a fire for breakfast by pouring coal oil on it. The can exploded.

Terms of divorce

Divorced, required to pay $25 a month alimony and enjoined from visiting his wife and children, are the terms imposed against John F. Everman of Denver.

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