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This week’s three neat things

ERIN PHEILspecial to the daily
eRin Pheil

Today I have three neat little tidbits to share with you: one about MS Word and two about food. Here you go:No. 1 – The other day, I lazily chatted with my friend as she worked on creating a new résumé in Word. Not being the most adept of typists, she would stare down at the keys as she poked at them and look up at her monitor only after every sentence or so to see what typos she’d made.I grinned in amusement as I watched her type an entire sentence in ALL CAPITALS after she’d accidentally hit her keyboard’s caps lock key. She looked up at the screen after finishing her sentence and grimaced in frustration. She then deleted the entire sentence and was about to retype it before I stopped her. “Can I show you an easier way of doing what you’re doing?” I asked. She said “sure” and plopped her laptop down in front of me. I typed a sentence in ALL CAPITALS just as she had, highlighted the capitalized sentence with my cursor, and said “watch this.”

Still in Word, I clicked on the Format menu at the very top of the screen. I then clicked on the Change Case option. A little box opened up, asking me if I wanted to change my highlighted text to Uppercase, Lowercase, Toggle Case, Title Case, or Sentence case. I chose Sentence case, clicked OK, and my sentence instantly changed from all capitals to all lowercase (other than the first letter, of course).Change Case can come in handy when you least expect it. Keep it tucked away in your bag of tricks as it’s likely you’ll someday run into a situation where it will prove useful.No. 2 – The other day I received a super fun chocolate gift from a friend. Made by the ChocolateSmith in New Mexico, it was a piece of dark raspberry-chocolate encased in a weatherproof (waterproof and heat tolerant), colorfully striped layer of wax. The wax allows one to bring the chocolate hiking, on roadtrips, wherever – and if exposed to high heat, the chocolate inside softens a bit, but then returns to its original consistency after cooling back. The chocolate comes in plenty of flavors and shapes, and is both beautiful and weatherproof; you eat it by simply slicing off a wedge. Pretty neat. Check out the ChocolateSmith website at

No. 3 – Did you happen to notice I never used an adjective like “tasty” or “delicious” or “yummy” when describing the ChocolateSmith chocolate in the previous section? There’s a reason I didn’t: I never tasted it. Pretty odd for someone who’s got a ridiculous sweet tooth and would eat desserts three times a day if she could, eh?Well, a few weeks ago I found out I have food allergies – lots of food allergies. I discovered that for several months I’m not to eat any of the following: peanuts, onions, shrimp, all yeast, cranberries, shellfish, red grapes, oranges, lemons, blueberries, spelt, anything made from soy, all dairy products (including cheese), eggs, and … sugar (!!). Not surprisingly the news of my allergies came as a big shock, and I returned from the doctors’ not knowing what to eat other than some fruits and vegetables. I immediately hopped on the internet and found there are many, many people out there with similar situations, and many of these people recommended and the Recipe Ingredient Search at (visit the Ingredient Search page at

These types of websites help people who cannot eat certain foods find a wide variety of great recipes containing only foods they “can” eat. They’ve helped me recently, and perhaps you or someone you know might find them helpful as well.In the meantime, if you know of a recipe that doesn’t contain any of the aforementioned ingredients nor red meat, feel free to drop me an e-mail and let me know about it! See you next time everyone.

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