Thomas Ferrari: Justice is skewed in Summit County |

Thomas Ferrari: Justice is skewed in Summit County

Thomas Ferrari

In response to “Travesty of Justice,” I would like to comment on such a true and existing “Travesty of Justice” here in Summit County.

C.M. Fitzpatrick hit the nail on the head with his editorial; however, the “travesty” described therin is merely the tip of the iceberg.

To summarily try and mention all that I have witnessed in a justice system so off-kilter and so unjust is not possible in a letter. I will, however, offer at least a glimpse into an incomprehensible realm where those who are expected to uphold justice for all instead uphold contempt for their own needs and wants of the prominent, affluent and influential of our community. All the while, the working class heroes of our community who have little or no influence find themselves in a much different category. It is known by the working class heroes as the “Maximum Category”: maximum bail, maximum amount of charges, maximum difficulty working with the D.A.’s office as far as pleas, maximum resistance from the court, and finally maximum sentencing. If any of you reading this editorial are not connected to the prominent families of the county, you then are a member of the “Maximum Category.”

It is soon election time once again. For the sake of the backbone of our community, remove the corruption by removing those in office at this time. They are nothing short of monsters in human costumes.

Any comparative analysis between the “influenced” cases and the “Maximum Category” cases clearly shows that something is terribly wrong, and terribly one-sided.

Just recently, some examples consist of The People vs. Rockne, where Rockne allegedly beat a woman near to death, and Rockne, from the prominent family, received probation as a sentence. There are cases now where the working classe people are suffering situations such as the judge is switching weeks before their trials. Can you imagine the injustice of that? Others sit in jail for over a year for harrassment with no criminal history. Others being charged for allegedly mouthing “you’re done” in court and facing 32 years in prison. Reason: the case is “influenced” by a locally prominent family. Others dealing with the D.A.’s office missing three deadlines for professional discovery over an eight-month period and still being allowed more and more deadlines, while the working class sits in jail. Others dealing with repeated contempt of court by the D.A.’s office with no punishment whatsoever to the D.A. It’s just swept under the rug. Then the People vs. Pillow: an eight-year sentence to a woman with no criminal history. All this is just recently, and on and on it goes.

How much more will it take for this community to wake up and see what is actually going on concerning our justice system? Please, make a stand as a community and demand justice for all.

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