Thomas: Hill’s response to letter puzzling |

Thomas: Hill’s response to letter puzzling

Ted Thomas, Breckenridge

Bud Hill, I find your response to a critical letter puzzling. You claim that you are not bigoted toward gays, yet your letter seems otherwise. To use the cliche… ‘If it quacks like a duck.”

Two sections in your letter stand out. The one where you refer to active gays today … “not like those in the 1980s.” If you and the Internet were here in the 1960s you might have sent a letter warning us that the negroes of the ’60s were not like the negroes of the ’40s and ’50s. Gays are seeking the same legal protections that the rest of society enjoys.

The other is the friend who was assaulted by a gay couple. If this really occurred, then it is both heinous and tragic. Not justified under any circumstances. But, it does not, as you imply, represent the gay community. Before moving to the county my wife and I worked in Los Angeles where we had many gay acquaintances and friends. I can assure you and others that gays do not have a recruitment program. They seek others who have gone through the torment of coming out. This incident is very unusual.

Admit it Bud, you don’t like gays.

Ted Thomas, Breckenridge

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