Thomas: How can Hertzberg ignore his colleagues? |

Thomas: How can Hertzberg ignore his colleagues?

Jon Thomas

Re: “Emissions of CO2 and global warming not linked,” by Dr. Martin Hertzberg, letters, Dec. 11

In response to Dr. Hertzberg’s assertions a simple chart to better navigate the sliver of research he plys:

The simple truth is that temperatures are rising on this earth, glaciers are disappearing before our eyes, new shipping routes are opening in the north as the icesheet does its magic shrinking act! These are examples that are plainly evident to the human eye; 100,000 of years of stored of ice melting, ancient landscapes changing in single lifetime.

Because we all have some experience with these examples I am pretty certain that all of us have seen enough to at least entertain the likelihood that the neighborhood is warming up a bit. And if for a moment we accept it as a fact we can move to the next obvious question: Did we do it, or are we all caught up in another of earth’s natural cycles.

I do not doubt Dr. Herzberg’s credibility on this subject, however he will need to explain how he feels he can ignore his colleagues and why he is for all intents and purposes alone.

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