Thomas: Where were conservatives in the past? |

Thomas: Where were conservatives in the past?

Ted Thomas, Breckenridge

Christina Knoles in her letter “Who is to blame,” used many of the points seen in GOP anti-Obama literature. But some of the statements need corrections with answers that can be easily verified. She rails against the president’s use of government agencies as if he alone uses these avenues. Remember Mssrs. Bush and Cheney at the Department of Justice firing attorneys who were Democrats and replacing them with loyal GOP lawyers who would follow the president’s policies. Cheney getting his old employer, Halliburton, sweetheart contracts with the Defense Department. Millions of dollars are still unaccounted. Secret arrangements with Homeland Security that resulted in sanctioned torture. So every president uses/abuses this privilege.

Of course, Ms. Knoles thinks the president is a failure in both domestic and foreign issues. I would remind her of a few things. Who got rid of Bin Laden? Who helped to fire Kadafi? Who helped bring about the Arab Spring and free elections in Egypt?

Domestically, the president helped to continue the bank rescue started by President Bush. His administration saved many, many thousands of jobs with the rescue of the auto industry. And the carmakers are starting to pay back the government loans.

Yes, the deficit is huge and needs serious attention. But I would ask Ms. Knoles and other conservatives what I have said in the past. Where were you when Bush got us into two wars that we paid for by a credit card? Why no concern about the debt then?

Ted Thomas, Breckenridge

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