Those opposed to war are more involved than informed |

Those opposed to war are more involved than informed

During the past few months, much of America has become a stage for anti-war protests and public demonstrations for peace. It seems, however, that many Americans in opposition to war with Iraq are more involved than they are informed.

Many know little, if anything, of United Nations Resolution 1441 or consequences for a noncompliant Saddam Hussein.

Resolution 1441 calls for the complete and total disarmament by Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. The resolution also states that any attempt to stray from absolute cooperation with U.N. weapons inspectors will result in the use of force by the international community. This resolution was voted on and signed unanimously by the U.N. Security Council in November 2002

Since November, Saddam Hussein has been far from compliant. Thousands of liters of anthrax and other biological agents are unaccounted for. Iraq has also been developing the capability to enrich uranium, which is a key process in the production of nuclear weapons. The list goes on, from Iraqi intelligence officers posing as scientists to be interviewed by inspectors, to actually using chemical weapons on more than 5,000 Kurds in northern Iraq. 

It is clear that he is a threat to the peace and security of a very large region and has no intentions of relieving his nation of its proscribed weapons.

Several U.N. Security Council member nations are now publicly opposing the actions outlined in the very resolution they voted for just three months ago.

Perhaps France and Germany aspire to be friendly with the Arabic world as a matter of diplomacy. This might keep their oil prices down and it might, for a while, limit terrorist activity in their nations, but it certainly doesn’t change their obligation to uphold 1441.

As the once united international opposition to Saddam’s stockpile of proscribed weapons and materials begins to fall apart, so will the likelihood of Iraq disarming voluntarily. It has only been under the immense pressure of impending war that Iraq began to destroy its now infamous al-Simoud II missiles. If those who oppose Saddam back down, the United States and it’s allies will lose all the hope of disarmament.

The question I pose to those opposed to the use of force in Iraq, or those who ask that that weapons inspectors be given more time is this: How long is too long? The League of Nations, the United Nations’ predecessor, spent such a long time debating the use of military force against a militant German leader in the 1930s by the name of Adolf Hitler. World War II may have been averted if the international community had followed through with its commitment to preserving peace.

I think most everyone wants peace, but please keep in mind that peace was the sole purpose of the United Nations when it was created. Peace was the driving force behind Resolution 1441, and is the intent of this entire process. Maybe by standing strong as a world of peace loving people, we can rid this world of its true evils before it is too late.

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