Three ways to increase your printers efficiency |

Three ways to increase your printers efficiency

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With seemingly everyone working hard to come up with new ways to make their dollars stretch further, I thought it might be helpful to share a few money-saving tips of my own. The three techniques listed below will enable you to help extend the life of your printers laser toner or ink cartridges. Dont let your cartridge dry up! Not surprisingly, this tip is especially important for people living in areas with low humidity and at high elevation. And thankfully, keeping cartridges fresh and preventing dry-out is simple; just make sure to use your printer to print out at least one page per week. Print just the text you want! If youre looking to print out a selection of text from a web page, theres no reason to print out absolutely everything you see on the screen, such as extra text, graphics, photos, etc. Simply highlight the selection of text youd like to print, go to File>Print, and then in the dialogue box that pops open, make sure to choose Selection before clicking the Print button. Reduce the default print quality! Unless you need to print high-quality pages regularly, you can easily save ink/toner by setting your printers default print quality to Draft. Making this change is simple, but the process varies from computer to computer. The steps in this online article should work for most PC printers:

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