Thriller author strikes again |

Thriller author strikes again

Special to the Daily

Special to the Daily

Moving your family to a new home, new city or new state can be stressful. In fact, moving is considered one of the top contributors to stress related deaths.

It is difficult to leave friends, support systems and comfortable social circles. At any age, it is challenging to pursue new friendships and join new social networks without feeling like an interloper during the transition.

In Kate Morgenroth’s “They Did It with Love,” Sofie and her charming husband are looking for a more tranquil life and move from a Manhattan apartment to a home in Greenwich, Conn.

Sofie is leaving behind friends from a wonderful book shop she frequented since high school, members of an engaging mystery book club and strained memories of her recently deceased, wealthy and condescending father.

As the sole heir to his fortune (Sofie’s mother met with a tragic death), she must deal with his burial and estate. Sofie longs to abandon the sorrow she is feeling and the Manhattan lifestyle and start anew.

Sofie’s escape to suburban life in Greenwich initially peaks great interest in the community since she purchased one of the most expensive homes in this “perfect,” exclusive neighborhood.

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Sofie is struggling with the move, loneliness and lack of friends, but is quickly rescued via an invitation to join the neighborhood mystery book club. Her love for mysteries is shared by the book club members and she now has access to new friends.

The book club leader, Priscilla, is an overbearing, pretentious and controlling matriarch. Priscilla has the perfect, loyal husband but fails to extend him love or affection.

Other book club members include Susan, Priscilla’s closest and loyal friend who is willing to keep Priscilla’s secrets, Ashley, the young, beautiful and resented second wife of a successful businessman and Julia with the perfect husband, perfect life and impeccable home … but all is not as it appears.

Sofie soon discovers there are many tantalizing secrets and dangerous undertows in this neighborhood and her murder mystery background provides the perfect credentials to help investigate a book club member suicide.

Kate Morgenroth’s book takes many unexpected twists, disclosing some rather humorous, provocative tales and is a real page turner.

In witty fashion, she fully develops her story. Kate develops her characters with great care, detail and description and her characters justify unusual behavior “in the name of love.” I felt like a participant in their book club meetings, trying not to spill the red wine on the white carpet.

“They Did It with Love” can be found at The Open Book, located at 60 W. Main St. in Frisco. Dorothy or Amy Yundt is available at the store at (970) 668-5399 or by e-mail at