Through the jail cell |

Through the jail cell

The MDA Lockup fundraiser supports local families dealing with muscluar dystrophy.

Jailbirds perched on the top floor at Dillon Dam Brewery on Wednesday, Aug. 20, to help raise money for a worthy cause. The Muscluar Dystrophy Association (MDA), along with the Dillon Dam Brewery throws this annual fundraiser to help support local families who are dealing with muscular dystrophy. As MDA fundraiser Alisha Howard explained, in the past year alone two students were unable to continue going to school because of pain and muscle loss from muscular dystrophy. A powchair costs $12,000 and with the help of events like this, powerchairs were purchased for both students by the MDA.

In this fundraiser, locals were nominated to become jailbirds, and had to collect $1,600 in bail, or spend an hour in “jail.” Donations can still be made for 90 days after the event at

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