Through U.S. power, we can have peace |

Through U.S. power, we can have peace

Ken RiceKeystone

RE: Sue Carr-Novotny’s June 1 letter: After expressing an opinion on her “Memorial Day dilemma,” the writer concluded with “… I really want to know what you all think.” OK, here’s what I think.You included yourself among those “… who disagree with the use of violence as a means of getting our way in the world …”First of all, who wouldn’t want to see “peace on earth?” What peaceniks fail to comprehend is that world peace could only exist and survive if the entire world wanted peace perpetually. Have you ever wondered why the history of civilization has been plagued with wars? Even 2,000 years ago, Jesus said that there would be wars and rumors of wars. Why? Because He understood what resides within the hearts and minds of evil people that rise to power – the Hitlers and Saddams that come along. Like it or not, we need to understand and acknowledged this also. Secondly, the violence of the U.S. military has been fundamentally for our defense and the defense of others, not simply “a means of getting our way.” If our government were to announce today that we shall no longer engage in the violence of any war and that we shall only use peaceful means to accomplish our objectives, how long do you think our nation could survive before being overthrown and conquered? Your indication that in the past, “diplomacy and very sticky negotiations … seems to have made more real progress than any use of force could have done” contradicts reality. If it had not been for the threat of our superior military power, there would have been little to no negotiations, and the United States would not have survived as a sovereign nation.As diplomatically as I can say this, please take your head out of the sand. There’s a lot of reality and truth that I don’t like either, but let’s face it.Ken RiceKeystone

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