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Tim Remple: Where conservative values intersect with environmentalism

I wanted to respond to Morgan Liddick’s interesting editorial (SDN Oct. 19, “Rousseau and the age of Obama”). Not sure I agreed with all of it, but it was well thought-out, historical, and generally a cut above so much of the drivel that passes for so-called conservative or Libertarian talk these days.

I want to focus on one aspect, by looking at Locke’s idea about inalienable rights, and extending it a bit, and see where that leads us. The right of concern is that to life. The extension is to recognize that right, in order to be absolute or immutable, has to be, by logic (aka reason,) extended to those not yet born, but who, in due turn, will be.

It has to be extended to those in the process of coming to live; in practical terms, since human conception and development is not instantaneous. In order to immutable, or intrinsic, it has to extend to those about to be conceived – a second from now, or a century.

When I think of environmental matters, one way to frame it is this: We, the currently living, have our right to life, but not to such an extent that we infringe on that right for those both coming, and yet to come.

All too often the argument against environmentalism is based on some notion that it conflicts with commerce; or that it is otherwise unreasonable. Only occasionally, is the pro-environment position cast in terms of stewardship of God’s creation.

It is inexorably linked to the right to life – both now, and in the future. Since life itself depends on safe air and water, besmirching either, or both, to the extent it adversely impacts the right to life in the future is a direct affront on that right to life!

Environmentalism is, in a deep sense, profoundly CONSERVE-ative!

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