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Time for leaders to listento the people, not the money

Throughout this presidential campaign, I have heard a lot of rhetoric about values coming from the Bush administration. I wonder what has happened to the values that have been so important in the forming of our nation. Last night I saw the documentary movie “The Corporation.”It explained a lot to me about the current administration in our country. It’s all about greed, power and the bottom line for certain corporations and wealthy individuals. I recalled the footage of George W. Bush smirking while saying to a gathering of his supporters, “I consider you my base … the haves and the have-mores.”When I saw footage about the role of IBM and other corporations in World War II, their collaboration with the Nazis and their desire to profit from the misery, torture and death of millions of people, it brought home to me the role that Halliburton, G.E., and other companies are playing in this present fiasco. In some of his campaign ads, President Bush claims that John Kerry’s plan for health care will lead to big government. Like big government is a disease. At least we, as Americans, have a voice in our government. If we choose to vote we have a say in what happens. When corporations have control we have no voice and no power at all.What have we, as a nation, come to when the philosophy that “anything goes as long as it’s profitable” becomes the standard?I believe that Americans are better than that. It is time for us to come forward and demand accountability from our representatives, senators, the president and all other elected officials. It is time for them to listen to the people instead of the money.

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