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Time for the Blue Team to buck up

Two Sundays ago, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Denver Broncos, and beat them badly. After the game, players and coaches got together to congratulate, check on injuries, wish each other well and pray in the middle of the field.It was a show of unity, sportsmanship and promotion of a great league.Now here is a question. Should the Falcons reach out to the Broncos and help them be a better team? As a Bronco fan, I say no. The Broncos have to get off their butt and get to work to make themselves better.In this election, the Red Team won, the Blue Team lost. Some have called for the Red Team to reach out to the Blue Team and help bring healing to the country.I agree in so far as we should care and love our neighbor as we care and love ourselves.However, it is also time for the Blue Team to get its act together and give the country something to vote for.It is easy to be against a position and we all know what the Blue Team is against – war in any form, tax cuts, religion, industry, meat and meat byproducts and a host of other things.What is the Blue Team for and why should I vote for it?The Blue Team has two years of work before the next general election and four until the next presidential. As I listen to the complaints and the despair of the Blue Team, I fear that they will not have any ideas and plans for me to vote for – only a list of complaints, worries and fears. Is that worth voting for? If that is all the Blue Team can come up with then the Red Team will truly be America’s team.

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