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timeforcake: A water-proof iPhone case

Erin Pheilspecial to the daily

I’m not sure why you’d want to swim with your iPhone, but if that’s what floats your boat, the great news is that a thin, completely waterproof iPhone case has been invented and is ready for consumer use.The Gooma Case Marine is totally translucent, about as thin as a Zip-Loc bag, and waterproof to up to 33 feet. I’m not sure what happens at 34 feet.Unfortunately, the case hasn’t made its way over to U.S. retail stores, but you can pay twice what you would pay if you live in Japan (about $70) on the Internet and get it shipped to the states.Of course, you can’t use the docking function when it’s on, but apparently it peels right off for charging or headphone needs. Interested? You can order Gooma cases right here: http://tinyurl.com/cfcobb4.

1. http://jimcarrey.com – OK, so this is quite random, but have you ever visited actor Jim Carrey’s personal site? Well, it’s really, really weird. A bit creepy, actually. My advice: take a look around, but don’t spend too much time there or you may not come back. 2. http://zunejourney.net – For a far- less creepy yet just as unique experience than what you get at JimCarrey.com, take a few minutes to look around the Zune Journey site. Bright, movement, dynamic, truly interactive, cheerful, lots to explore, lots to click on. Not your average site.3. http://tinyurl.com/7anr2p4 – You may not want to be connected 24/7, and you may shudder at the thought of texting while on a camping vacation, but there are plenty of real-world, possibly life-saving applications to sending or receiving texts in the middle of nowhere – and Delorme’s new inReach device makes it easy to do. The inReach is about the size of a small walkie-talkie, can pair with your Apple or Android device and uses a satellite to send and receive texts, enable remote tracking, or send an SOS. The device costs around $250. 4. http://bit.ly/QmtUa5 – A helpful blog post covering what you need to do when your email account is hacked-something that, unfortunately, many of us must deal with at some point in our lives. 5. http://tinyurl.com/8totfb5 – I’ve been purchasing gifts from OrganicBouquet.com for family, friends and clients since 2006. One of my favorite programs it offers is “Flowers For Good.” It’s a collection of 50 different beautiful flower arrangements, with each arrangement connected to a deserving nonprofit. You simply purchase one of these 50 bouquets and the nonprofit gets 5 percent of the sale; it’s that easy. Yep, you simply purchase a gift with no extra markup and a nonprofit receives a donation. Everyone wins: you, OrganicBouquet.com, the gift recipient and the nonprofit.Erin Pheil is the owner of timeforcake creative media – the Web Design & Strategy company voted #1 in Best of Summit. Visit the timeforcake website at http://www.timeforcake.com or email Erin at erin@timeforcake.com.