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Timeforcake: Flock: a souped-up social Web browser worth trying

by Erin Pheil

After last week’s Q&A on Web browsers ran, I received an e-mail from Kilburn Hall here in Frisco pointing out a couple of (really great) points worth sharing.Point #1First, Kilburn pointed out I had failed to mention his favorite Web browser: Flock. Flock is a sort of … souped-up social web browser powered by the same technology as Firefox. Flock comes chock-full of social tools designed to help you manage your social media accounts, keep track of your friends, and stay updated on important news and communications. We’re talking built-in, easy-to-use blog editor. Built-in RSS reader. Capability to drag-and-drop images and links right into outgoing tweets. Built-in “you have new mail in your webmail account” notifier. We’re talking about a browser that simplifies:- the management of your Twitter and Facebook accounts- the maintenance of your WordPress, Blogger, or Typepad blog- the tracking and sharing of your photos- making the most of your Favorites- checking in on what your friends are up toFlock offers little to people who go online to, say … simply check their e-mail, read the morning news, or buy an occasional book. But for the all-day e-mailers, bloggers, and regular users of Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, Flock offers a world of coolness. Sound good? Learn more about Flock right here: http://www.Flock.com.Point #2Kilburn Hall also wrote, “And a additional glaring error – Google Chrome does not work on operating systems 10.5 or below. Nor does Internet 8.”Though I never stated that Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 ran on Mac OS 10.5 or below, Kilburn touches upon an unfortunate fact: rarely do space constraints allow me to list all the many compatibility details associated with the programs, plugins, browsers, and accessories I mention in my articles.Though I mention and discuss various products and programs here in this article, please know I can’t make recommendations and suggestions that work for everyone. We all have different computers and unique combinations of operating systems, programs, monitors, settings, and configurations. We all use our computers and the Web in different ways and have different personal preferences. If I ever mention something that sounds appealing to you, please take a bit of time to learn more about it and find out if it will be compatible with your computer, your Operating System, your programs, and the way you use technology. I would love to provide customized information and list all the compatibility allowances and restraints for everything I mention in this article. However, I have this crazy hunch that no matter how politely I asked, the editors here at the Summit Daily would never concede to giving me the necessary number of pages it would take for me to do so. 😉 eRin pheiL is the owner of timeforcake http://www.timeforcake.com), a web design/development studio in Frisco. She can be reached via e-mail at erin@timeforcake.com.

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