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Timeforcake: How to open a new tab in a specific spot

Erin PheilSpecial to the Daily

I love being able to have a large number of tabs open in my browser all at once. I love being able to quickly flick through all the various pages I have open within a couple of seconds. I’m not sure how I survived prior to browser support of multiple tabs.On occasion I have tabs opened in a specific order, and I’ll find that I need to open a new tab in a specific position-say for example, in the fourth spot out of nine tabs I already have open.Luckily, opening up a new link in a specific location in your tab bar is very easy. All you need to do is click and hold the link you wish to open and draaaaaag it up into your desired position amongst your already open tabs. A small arrow will show up indicating where the new tab will open once you release your mouse.Important note: This tip works splendidly in Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to make it work in IE or Safari.

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