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timeforcake: Internet, Twitter & 5 links

I recently came across an article that consolidated a good deal of research into one concise, illuminating summary of the Internet in 2009.Here are few highlights I found quite interesting:- 90 trillion: The number of e-mails sent- 81 percent – The percentage of all emails that were spam- 126 million – The number of blogs on the Internet- 84 percent – The number if social networking sites with more women than men- 350 million – The number of people on Facebook- 50 percent – The percentage of Facebook users that log in every day- 2.5 billion – The number of photos uploaded each month to Facebook- 1 billion – The number of videos YouTube serves every single day- 3.9 percent – The percentage of world’s Internet users located in AfricaTo read the additional findings, check out the original Royal Pingdom article here: http://tinyurl.com/yej8686.

Yes, yes, people debate the usefulness of social media. Yes, I know that many people struggle to see the point of Twitter. I’m really not interested in discussing any of that right now.I would simply like to thank Twitter for introducing me to what has to be one of the most gripping, impactful, influential, can’t-stop-thinking-about-it-weeks-later articles I’ve ever read.After growing up in the traffic of the Bay Area, after living in Denver and dealing with the constant life-force drain that is Interstate 70 skier traffic, and after living in Summit County where I’ve witnessed and (unfortunately) experienced harrowing winter driving situations first-hand, I’ve found myself wishing this article could somehow be made mandatory reading for all people allowed to drive motor vehicles.There is no lengthy bulleted list of dry facts here. There is no preaching about what one should and should not do while driving. There is only an amazingly well-written, critically-acclaimed, 2009 National Magazine Award Finalist story that I wish people would read. It’s not a quick read, so if you’re open to giving it a chance, set aside at least 10 or so minutes. I would love for you to have a look and then share your thoughts with me. And others.Though it can take a good deal of manual effort to sort the dregs from the cream while online, I find myself constantly, infinitely thankful that the Internet has allowed for far-reaching dissemination of valuable information such as that which I found in the Dead Man Driving article – which you can find here: http://tinyurl.com/yaw5eak.

1. http://tinyurl.com/y8by576 – Very, very funny video that provides you with the step-by-step secrete recipe for reporting news stories. Love it. 2. http://tinyurl.com/yf35ztl – What if your company has done nothing? No website? No social media? Is it too late to catch up? 3. http://tinyurl.com/yzx3sqv – Blog post: “Find a Way to Unplug from Technology, or, How to Escape the Cubicle in Your Pocket.” 4. http://tinyurl.com/akcq35 – Can you prevent competitors from seeing your Adword ads? 5. http://tinyurl.com/4blkz6 – Points to consider when buying a digital camera.eRin pheiL is the owner of timeforcake (www.timeforcake.com), a web design and development studio in Frisco. She can be reached via e-mail at erin@timeforcake.com.

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