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timeforcake: Keep track of your important items with Stick-N-Find

Stick-N-Find stickers are very cool. They use Bluetooth technology that allows you to find lost items and geo-locate just about anything of yours using your smartphone, so long as it’s within a 2,500′ radius.

The concept seems so obvious and necessary that, if you’re like me, you read that and thought, “Wait, what? We don’t have that already?” Well, now we (almost) do. While the stickers started a while back as an IndieGoGo (www.IndieGogo.com) campaign, the official product release of March 2013 is approaching quickly.

The stickers can be stuck to just about anything that you might lose or want to keep track of, meaning the potential for fun and genuinely useful applications is tremendous.

Have an outdoor cat and occasionally realize it’s been a long time since you’ve seen it? Slap a sticker on her collar so you can find her when you’re worried. Problem solved.

Helicopter parent? Slap a sticker in your child’s backpack, hat, jacket or shoelace charm. Continue hovering from slightly further away.

What about placing a Stick-N-Find sticker on your luggage so you can monitor where and when it will come out of the airport carrousel?

Or popping one on something that latches onto your keychain? (Never lose your keys again? Sounds really, really good to me…)

Learn more at http://www.Sticknfind.com.

1. http://JetLev.com – The year is 2013. Where’s my jet pack? Oh, here it is. (Yes, apparently technology has caught up with fantasy and now you, too, can have your very own jet pack. I’m not kidding.)

2. http://tinyurl.com/abpwvty – Learn how you can transform your unused Groupon purchases into cold, hard cash.

3. http://SquareSpace.com – SquareSpace allows you to build a professional-looking blog or website without having to know anything about building a website. It’s a fantastic service for businesses not ready to invest in a full-featured, expert-built website or holistic online strategy. (And of course, for businesses that are ready for those things, you can reach me at http://www.TimeForCake.com.)

4. http://tinyurl.com/a2ye7zn – Do you carry around a USB drive that contains important information and data? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you interested in a USB drive that looks like a teddy bear? What if I told you that to use this particular USB drive you pop the bear’s head off and plug its body into a computer so it looks like the computer is eating the teddy bear? Now you’re interested, right? Visit this link and click the photo to learn more.

5. http://GrowingWireless.com – An online resource focused on helping parents stay in tune and up-to-date on the latest mobile products and mobile services their kids may be using. The site is quite comprehensive and contains a variety of tools and information for parents to educate themselves and their kids on using wireless technology in a healthy, responsible manner.

erin pheil is the owner of timeforcake (www.timeforcake.com), a Web design/development studio in Frisco. She can be reached via email at erin@timeforcake.com.

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