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timeforcake: Lock your PC, searching tips & cool sites

ERIN PHEILspecial to the dailySummit County, Colorado

Leaving your PC for a bit? Don’t want to power it down … don’t want anyone touching your beloved machine while you’re away? No problem. Just lock up your desktop.It’s simple, really. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (try looking to the left of your spacebar – it looks like a little flag) and then hit the “L” key. There you go. You just password-protected your computer – just as if you’d logged out or restarted it. The difference with the Windows key + “L” key trick is that all the programs that were running when you locked up your deskstop will stay open and running until you return, pop in your password and get back to work. Or play. No shutting down or restarting required!

Continuing to hone your Google searching skills over time can only improve your web surfing and researching experiences. The fact that few people ever become true Google Search Masters shouldn’t stop us from trying our best to improve our web searching skills. And so today (and in many future articles as well) I’ll share Google-searching tips with you in hopes that, together, we can find the exact information we’re looking for more quickly and with less effort than ever before. For today, let’s start off with two easy-to-remember, virtually-effortless tips.Tip #1: Don’t waste time or energy trying to enter your search with “correct” capitalization. In fact, don’t waste time with capital letters at all. There is zero benefit to using capital letters in your searches as they don’t matter or alter your search results one bit.Tip #2: Rein in those lengthy searches! It’s not made clear on Google’s homepage or in its search bar, but Google does have a 32-word search maximum. (Can you believe that prior to January 2005, it actually had a 10-word maximum?)

1. http://www.consumersavvytips.org – A site devoted to helping people become savvy consumers by sharing information on great deals, avoiding scams, keeping personal info safe, etc.2. http://www.yellowbirdproject.com – Okay, yes, you got me. I AM ridiculously in love with this site’s logo, so if you feel a strong desire to send me one of their bird-with-a-crown hoodies or T-shirts, I won’t try to stop you. The true reason behind my sharing this site with you, though, isn’t actually the rad logo – it’s the site’s fantastic belief that Indie rock bands are positively leaking with creativity, so why not harness their “magical indie powers” to help out those in need? The Yellow Bird Project exists to raise money and awareness for charities directly through the barter and trade of their fabulous T-shirts – while simultaneously promoting the profiles and work of artists the site founders love. How awesome is that??3. http://tinyurl.com/5johpx – Are you more of a paper-and-pencil type person who struggles to remember all your various internet passwords? This is the perfect pad of paper for you. It even comes with an area to record your Secret Questions and Answers.4. http://www.fullseat.com – Hosting an event? Use fullseat.com to publish events, track attendees and sell your tickets.5. http://www.twitterbackgroundsgallery.com – Wish you had a sweet background for your Twitter page, but don’t have the graphic skills to create one on your own? If this is the case (and for some crazy reason you don’t wish to hire timeforcake and keep the work local), consider hiring these people who, for a $100 fee, will create the Twitter background of your dreams.eRin pheiL is the primary creative force behind timeforcake (www.timeforcake.com), a web design and development studio in Frisco. She can be reached via e-mail at info@timeforcake.com.

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