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Timeforcake: New laser tag & 4 links

Erin PheilSpecial to the Daily

Every so often, a toy comes along that brings children and parents together. Rarer, though, is the toy that brings kids, adults and geeks together. Four words: augmented-reality laser tag. Hasbro’s new Lazer Tag guns are the latest addition to the booming augmented-reality world. Here’s how it works. Your iPhone or iPod plug and lock into the gun. You can track your “health” along with the trajectory of each shot you make. You can even play against the computer, which pastes graphics/moving targets onto the screen. This means you see what’s literally in front of you (the gun uses the camera function on your phone) along with an alien that’s firing back at you. You can also play in groups, set up teams and track everything with the package’s included software. For adults, it’s cleaner and less painful than paintball. For children, well, it’s awesome. And for geeks, well, it’s augmented reality – yet another excuse to ignore the real world around you.Here’s the link, check it out: http://tinyurl.com/bnv3zte.

1. http://bit.ly/M603TLT – Turn your phone or tablet into your very own personal trainer. The upside: No one is screaming at you to “push it!” The downside: No one is screaming at you to “push it!” 2. http://bit.ly/N8cfkz – There’s nothing worse than serving a room-temperature ros. Well, I suppose serving no ros might be worse. (Then again, some would beg to differ.) It matters not to me, as I don’t drink. But here’s what it comes down to folks: if you love your wine chilled, this blog post has a three fun and oh-so-techy ways to quickly chill your wine. 3. http://GoFundMe.com – Easy online fundraising via simple personal donation websites. Here’s how it works: Create your GoFundMe site. Share your site with friends. Collect donations. That’s it. Alternatively, you can browse the site and donate to people you’d like to help. Featured on CNN, USA Today, the N.Y. Times and Bloomberg Businessweek.4. http://RinserBrush.com – “The toothbrush with the power fountain.” This toothbrush turns the tap water from your faucet into a water fountain for rinsing your mouth post-brushing. The site is accepting pre-orders right now for November delivery. (Note: don’t be fooled by their homepage offer claiming up to 70 percent off if you order immediately; you only receive that level of discount if you purchase 900 packs of brushes. Do that and they’ll charge you just $9,500 instead of $31,491.)Erin Pheil is the owner of timeforcake creative media – the web design & strategy company voted #1 in Best of Summit. Visit the timeforcake website at http://www.timeforcake.com or email Erin at erin@timeforcake.com.

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