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Tina Attari: The U.S. and its citizens support every country

tina attari, breckenridge

Although entertaining, Bob Berwyn’s outlook on America, the wealthy and the distribution of wealth throughout the world is limited and completely incorrect.

What he, and so many others like him, seems to forget is the fact the United States and our citizens support every country in the world in one way or another… and largely through private donations from these egocentric money-grubbers.

Some of these charities include Project Smile, Doctors without Borders and Amfar. In addition, much of what this local, and many visitors to Breckenridge enjoy, is

also heavily subsidized by the private sector … Jazz in July, Backstage Theater, the NRO … none of these would exist without

private support.

We have local citizens building schools in Africa, hospitals in South America, founding charities that provide computers to children who can not otherwise afford them, dentists who treat kids for free, doctors who donate their time to educating the young here and abroad… but according to you, we are selfish as a country, and none of this counts.

I am heavily involved in marketing start-up companies looking for capital to move forward in world markets. Guess who a large majority of my clients are? India, Canada, Germany, China and France. Why do they come to our country to pursue financing for their ideas? Because we are the land of opportunity. We have always been synonymous with hard work and success… until lately. We are now known for the place to come and sponge – keep your own cultures, pretend you are still in your own country…. only this is better. Because in your own country, you never had it so good. Let us teach you in your own language, give you free medical, and as if that is not enough, you also have the right to sue us if we don’t do these things and at our expense. And because it is your right, as was recently done in Chicago, you may even rent a convention facility to convene and discuss how to bring down this capitalistic hell you now call home, the USA.

Our country was built on hard work and good ideas. It has also been our profile to give back to those less fortunate.

The ever-present handout is making us weak. As a country, we are better than the current times, and as a people we will prevail.

In the words of one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, “When the people are afraid of the government, it is called Tyranny – When the government is afraid of the people, it is called Liberty.” Wake up Breckenridge – find your pride in being Americans.

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