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Tips for buyers and sellers


It’s still a very good time to buy and sell in Summit County. If your home is already on the market what can you do to make it more attractive to buyers? If you are thinking about selling what types of home improvements can you do that will cause the value of your home to go up and produce a potentially faster sale?According to it is important to calculate your ROI or “return on investment.” To determine ROI, you want to know: “What percentage of each dollar spent on this home improvement will I recoup when I sell?” One of best values for return on investment is the replacement of windows. The job cost is $11,040 with a resale value of $9,416(value) giving an 85.3% return on investment. Another very good investment according to is a minor kitchen remodel. The cost of that job averages $17,928 with a resale value of $15,278(value) giving an 85.2% return on investment. For more costs and returns on investment for specific projects visit .As a Seller, obtaining an energy audit would benefit the potential value of your home according to the National Association of Realtors online magazine Some of the potential energy loss sources are the absence of external building wrap around the joists between the floor and walls, improperly insulated attics, and, improperly insulated basements and crawl spaces. Older homes tend to have more of these issues however; older and newer homes tend to be inefficient in places where pipes and wires enter the home according to Lee O’Neal of NSpects, an energy inspection company based in Chantilly, Va. New homes are more likely to have building wrap and well-insulated attics and basements. Also, newer homes tend to come with more efficient double-paned windows and heating and air conditioning systems. If you live in the Summit County area and are thinking of updating or remodeling your home here are some valuable local resources that Broker and team leader Butch Elich has had success. John Sabal (970) 389-8100 of Summit Building Solutions, Dennis Roley of Custom Contracting can be reached at (970) 389-4925. For your plumbing projects Premier Plumbing who can be reached at (970) 418-0046 or Eric Fischer who can be reached at (970)468-6000. Keep in mind that most sought after contractors are busy most of the time but are worth the wait if you have the luxury of time”Welcome Home!” is compiled using various industry sources by TheTeam@ELICH.COM. Butch Elich had been helping people with their real estate needs in Summit County for over 20 years. His team includes Associate Broker, Paula Parker, a Summit resident for 23 years who has been a licensed broker for 4 years and assistant Laura Combrink. Find the TheTeam@ELICH.COM at RE/MAX Properties of the Summit in Frisco, or on the web at .

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