Tips for conserving energy |

Tips for conserving energy

George RichardDillon

It is time to stop using electricity and other energy like oil which creates greenhouse gases because it is damaging the earth.Scientists say we humans create 20 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year. The Earth can hold 10 billion tons a year.My family of three puts more than 60,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air. And we buy wind power. Now we will do more things to create less carbon dioxide. Here are some tips.• There’s a ghost in your house eating electricity! Get a power strip and hook it up to anything electronic, and when you are done using the TV, X-box, GameCube, DVD, VCR, computer, printer and stereo, really shut it off by switching off the power strip. If you see ghost eyes – glowing lights on your electronics – then they aren’t really turned off. Forty percent of the electricity used in houses is ghost electricity. • Walk, bike or do other things instead of driving the car. If you are going out on an errand, go to all the errands you have. Carpool when you can.• Turn off lights when you leave a room.• Turn down the heat even just 1-2 degrees.• Fly less. Airplanes create a lot of carbon dioxide.• Recycle. Don’t throw it away.• Use a solar oven if you can afford it.• Plant 12 trees per year to suck up 18,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.There are many other things you can do. For more information go to:http://stopglobalwarming.org

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