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‘Tis the season for giving … and begging

Jim Morgan

Frankly, there’s no comfortable way to beg for money.Doesn’t matter if you’re Billy Graham in a 20,000-seat arena packed to the rafters, Willie Nelson at Farm Aid or the Summit Daily News shilling for its annual Holiday Fund.It’s neither easy nor fun.You can use different words than beg.Let’s see, there’s beseech, request, ask for, plead for, petition, seek or implore. But it’s still begging.And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Look up “beg” in the dictionary.Beg. v.: 1. vti to ask something for something in a very intense, humble or even humiliating way. 2. vit to ask people for gifts of money or food, often in the street.That pretty much covers what we’re doing with our annual Holiday Fund. But here’s the reality – somebody has got to do it. Somebody has to act as an advocate on behalf of those who have little to celebrate come this holiday season. I’m not going to get all maudlin on you, but I am going to ask you to give to the Holiday Fund.Actually, I am going to get a little maudlin.For the past several weeks, we’ve published a series of stories about the agencies that receive funds. In each, we’ve tried to humanize the agencies by finding an individual who has been helped. On Saturday we published a story about Carrie Smith, who would likely be homeless and in dire health were it not for the Summit Community Care Clinic.Carrie is a diabetic. Last spring an injury cost her a job and she could no longer afford her medication, which keeps her alive. The Clinic was able to provide the medication.As you can imagine, Smith’s thanks to the Clinic are heartfelt.

You see, giving can save lives.I also need to point out that the Holiday Fund is hardly the only begging, eh, solicitation, going on at this time. Which is fine. The point I’m trying to make is that now is the time to give. Get out your checkbook and write a check. Drop a couple bills into the bucket when you come out of City Market. Whether you’re giving through the Holiday Fund or not is immaterial. The point is to give. As for the Holiday Fund, which was begun three years ago by former publisher Mike Bennett, every cent collected goes to the agencies we support. Mike chose this time of year because it is when many agencies have specific financial needs.If you’re wondering how we choose who gets money it’s a pretty uncomplicated process. For example, last week Holly Tompkins, who is a school district nurse, picked up the phone and called to ask if their vision care and dental care programs could get some money. The programs involve local medical providers who give care when an acute situation arises. And, of course, the answer was yes.The list of beneficiaries includes the Family and Intercultural Resource Center, the Salvation Army, the Silverthorne Police Department’s Adopt an Angel program, the Community Care Clinic, the Little Red Schoolhouse and Bristlecone Hospice.You can designate to whom you want your donation to go.

If you want to make a donation to the Holiday Fund, doing so is simple:1. Write a check payable to the Holiday Fund. Mail it to PO Box 329, Frisco, CO 804432. Bring a check or cash or your credit card to the Summit Daily News office at 40 W. Main Street in Frisco and we’ll take it (literally) from there.3. Call the Summit Daily News and tell them you’d like to make a donation using your credit card. The phone number is (970) 668-3998. Ask for Cheri, Rica or Jackie.Now the deal is the more people who give, the more the fund grows and the more money there is for programs. So please give. I’m beggin’ ya.Publisher Jim Morgan writes a Tuesday column.

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