Tolerance for slow drivers is good for the economy |

Tolerance for slow drivers is good for the economy

This is a reminder that our No. 1 public enemies are also the reason many of us can continue to live here.

While reading the July 18 front page article about slow-moving tourist drivers being a public nuisance, I couldn’t help but think that I am more often delayed by slow moving construction trucks (mentioned briefly in the article) than I am by “gapers.”

But, working in the tourism industry, I am also quick to realize that both of these obstacles are an essential part of why I can continue to live here.

I keep an old photo at my desk of Main Street Breckenridge during a summer day in the mid-1980s. The photo shows an empty Main Street – almost resembling a ghost town.

For me it’s a reminder of what we accomplished in the past 20 years to grow our town and economy.

It also helps to diffuse any frustration I feel after crawling along the highway between Frisco and Breck. Lighten up, people. Vent your frustration on a good mountain bike ride or strenuous hike.

I was not going to write a letter about the article until I heard a comment from our Friends Welcome director, Jennifer Federocko.

She said that some of her seminar attendees pointed out the article to her as an example of the kind of negative thinking that undermines the public relations efforts of the community.

We all know that bad news sells papers and that human nature will not change in our lifetime.

Consider this letter a friendly reminder that a little tolerance of slow drivers makes a difference.

Every cloud has a silver lining, right? Try to remember how impressed by the scenery you once were on your first drive up our beautiful valley.

Alan Cardenas

sales director

Breckenridge Resort Chamber

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