Tom Clancy: War money would be better spent helping Americans at home |

Tom Clancy: War money would be better spent helping Americans at home

I am fed up with the chronic complainers who make an issue about the national debt, saying the government spends too much money domestically . To validate their argument, they say how it will negatively impact our grandchildren – give me a break. Anytime someone wants to make their point they always bring in the kids; after all, who could argue against doing what is right for the children? The main argument against the health insurance reform bill was that it was going to cost too much. Cost too much? How about those kids that you want to protect, didn’t the health care reform bill help the children also?

Now with all this complaining about government spending, why don’t we ever hear about how much our government spends in Irag and Afghanistan each month? Is it unpatriotic to question what we are doing by invading countries. Is it not patriotic to demand more accountability by our government as to why we are there. And how much we are spending by being there? The U.S. spends $6 billion a month and rising in those countries chasing a dog’s tail with no end in sight. And Americans are dying also: 1,000 dead in Afghanistan so far. Where is the outrage as compared to the outrage about domestic spending which hasn’t killed anyone? The reason there is not the outrage that there should be is Americans are too far removed from these so-called wars, but if the draft was still the law you can be sure we would be outraged and we would be out of both countries by now. It’s time to face the facts and start demanding that we spend less money in foreign invasions and more money at home helping Americans.

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