Tom Naylor: This could get expensive |

Tom Naylor: This could get expensive

Tom Naylor

Ouch, I just muddled my way through SB108, the proposed legislation that would impose a new additional fee to be added to Colorado vehicle registrations. As I understand it, the money will be used to help repair and maintain roads. What I did not know until I read it was that any and all registered vehicles will be assessed a new fee, weight based. Got a street legal motorcycle that you ride in the summer? It now will cost $16 more to register it if this passes. Got a trailer or two you use once in a while? Get ready to pay more (double even) to register it. Got an old Jeep you drive occasionally? Yes, that will cost over $20 more. Someone with a car, a motorcycle and a trailer will probably pay more than if they drove a 80,000 pound truck. Take the time to let your elected representatives know how you feel about this. I did. This could get expensive.

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