Tony Bradley: State Representative deserves salute for advocating investment and jobs |

Tony Bradley: State Representative deserves salute for advocating investment and jobs

Tony Bradley, executive director
Coalition for a Connected West
Phoenix, AZ

On behalf of my organization’s Colorado members, I applaud Representative Christine Scanlan for co-sponsoring HB1289, a piece of legislation meant to create jobs by encouraging investment in broadband and telecom services. Although HB1289 wasn’t adopted into law, it had bipartisan support from Representatives who know that investment creates jobs and speeds up economic recovery.

HB1289 would have modernized a longstanding incentive for manufacturing investment, to encourage investments in the network that delivers high speed Internet and telecom services to Coloradans. Modernization would have many economic and social benefits. Consider:

Jobs – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports each new dollar of telecom capital spending leads to $2.86 in new output, and a $1 million rise in telecom capital spending creates 18 new jobs.

Education – The Internet is revolutionizing education, so the network needs ongoing investment.

Health Care – With a reliable high speed network, telehealth programs eliminate geographic barriers to healthcare while saving money.

Environment – “Smart grid” energy management systems use the Internet to save energy, cut emissions and conserve natural resources.

Broadband and telecom are critical to Colorado consumers and businesses. Supporters of HB1289 worked in bipartisan fashion with the goal of ensuring that Colorado is attractive for investment in the new economy. We commend their vision, and we encourage Colorado public policy makers at all levels to work together to identify ways they can help encourage more telecom investment in the state.

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