Too much of this kind of love is bad |

Too much of this kind of love is bad

Ahh – letter-writer Robert Cooper and his wonderful loving Christians. In the Crusades they “lovingly” killed 25,000 men, women and children at Albi, France. They have “lovingly” persecuted, denigrated and sentenced to hell all those who do not believe their doctrine.I remember as a young Catholic in the South being touted as a “papist %$&&&$$” by the “loving” Christians wearing their best Wamsutta whites robes.They persecuted the blacks, Moslems and Jews with fervor until they discovered they needed Israel to provide the setting for Armageddon where three quarters of the world’s population will be horrifically destroyed leaving, you guessed it, the “loving” Christians to survive.Now, it is the gays who shall feel your “love.” I noticed your hero, Dr. James Dobson, was the first to get to Ted Bundy’s cell to blame the evils of pornography on his murder spree.Gee, he neglected to mention that the Bundy household was terrorized during Bundy’s childhood by a knife wielding, scripture quoting whacko, which just couldn’t have had an effect on young Ted.I guess the brainwashing of today’s students with “In God we Trust” plastered all over the schools and the Pledge being mandated is OK with you, eh?Well, I have taken notice that for the past few years the world has gone straight into the dumper. Gee, that’s about the time the “loving” Christians and our converted president took over, isn’t it?

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